Why should you sign up for horse riding lessons?

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Horse riding lessons are the dream of many children. Thanks to them, they not only spend time outdoors in an interesting and active way, but also establish close contacts with animals, which positively affects their psychosocial development. Horse riding can be a great adventure also for adults. Riding lessons can be started at any age. If you dream about trying this developing and relaxing sport, don’t hesitate to look for a good riding school in your area!

How to start horse riding?

It’s easy! All you have to do is look for a stable or a nursery and go to the first lesson! You’ve probably heard that horse riding is quite an expensive hobby. Remember, however, that you do not have to come to the first class equipped with professional equipment for riders . Indeed, the cost of buying a horse riding outfit in an equestrian shop – for horse riding is quite high, but this move can be postponed for the future, when you are 100% sure that horse riding is something for you. The first lesson will allow you to get used to the horse. The instructor will instruct you on how to properly mount, dismount and handle the horse properly. If you feel fear at the sight of a large animal, do not back away hastily, as this is perfectly normal. We are anxious when dealing with something that is new to us, so it is very important that our trainer skilfully guides us through each stage of getting to know the horse. You will certainly not be the only person at the stud who has never stroked a horse before the first lesson! If you want to understand this wonderful animal, use professional guides and books about horses.

Healing effects of horses on health

Horse riding is considered a very healthy sport. It trains the sense of balance, develops leg muscles and forces us to work with the pelvis and other lower parts of the body that we forget about during everyday activities. However, these are not all the reasons for the great trust that equestrianism enjoys among doctors and therapists. It has been discovered that horse riding helps during convalescence and rehabilitation of people after amputations, posture defects, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. Hippotherapy also helps people with mental disorders, it is often used by children with autism or Down syndrome. Hippotherapy in Poland is not only physiotherapy on a horse. This name covers various types of therapeutic activities related to horses and equestrianism. Contact with the animal helps to calm the body, has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and respiratory system, as it reduces the production of the stress hormone. Every person, both sick and healthy, can enjoy the wonderful health benefits of horse farming.

Is horseback riding expensive?

More and more children and adults want to try a sport that will not only improve their physical condition, but also guarantee calmness, rest and a lot of positive emotions. One such activity will certainly be learning to ride a horse. The price of lessons will depend on whether they are conducted individually or in groups. The progress and development of equestrian skills will entail further costs related to the purchase of professional equestrian clothing and horse equipment. People who practice horse riding will certainly say that every expense related to taking additional riding lessons is a great investment of money. Huge relaxation and a lot of positive impressions taken from each visit to the stud are priceless experiences. It’s worth trying at least a few lessons to see

Are there any contraindications to horse riding?

Despite the beneficial effect of horse riding on various ailments, there is also a list of diseases that prevent horse riding. If someone suffers from knee or spine diseases, he should take into account that horse riding puts a lot of strain on these parts of the body. Therefore, some ailments on their part could intensify. Unfortunately, people allergic to horse hair should accept that horse riding lessons are not recommended for them. People with epilepsy, hydrocephalus, detached retina, and profound mental retardation will also not be able to use it. Anyone with any medical condition should see a doctor to make sure they can take riding lessons. It may turn out that in a given case they are not only allowed,

If you’ve been dreaming about visiting a horse farm for a long time, don’t hesitate! Certainly, there is also a place in your area where you can go to ask instructors and stable employees all questions related to learning to ride a horse. When you try to sit in the saddle, you may find that you have just discovered your new passion!