Auto tow truck available whenever you need!

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During every trip in a motor vehicle, an unplanned situation can happen. Such circumstances take place every day, in the form of both bumps, vehicle breakdowns or car accidents. In a rush of thoughts, you often don’t know what to do. However, it is obvious that you cannot do without a tow truck. They are needed both for roadside assistance and when transporting cars to different places, and their popularity is constantly growing.

Every journey carries risks

Each means of transport can be damaged or unforeseen random situations. A broken car cannot stay on the road and complicate the constant traffic of other drivers. In such situations, a tow truck is necessary and necessary. Literally anyone can call a tow truck rental . It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man. The service is provided as soon as possible. Tow truck rental can take place both with and without the rental of a driver. When we also hire a driver, his help is included in the price. However, keep in mind that then the price changes and is slightly higher. in this option, he will reach a specific destination and complete the task entrusted to him in a given time and on a given route. Then the so-called roadside assistance is provided.

Minimizing the cost of transporting the car

The option of renting a car tow truck in person can be useful when there is a need to transport, for example, a damaged car. Various transport and mobile services as well as specialists who professionally deal with this type of work are advertised on the market. However, the price of a tow truck is extremely competitive compared to other possible options and less burdensome for the household budget. The only condition is that you have held a current category B driving license for at least three years. No special licenses are required, literally every adult person can drive a tow truck. Then the time is significantly saved and, most importantly, the car tow truck is rented at a time convenient for you. There are no strictly defined time limits. The service can take place both in the morning and at night.

The most advantageous option of renting a tow truck is when a car is purchased from abroad. Adding up the costs of transport and plates for transporting the car – it is not a profitable option neither in terms of price nor time. Formalities are also important then and should be carefully observed. The greater the demand for renting a tow truck , and in addition for more days – then there is a possibility of small price negotiations. It is also possible to rent the so-called. long-term. A deposit of PLN 1,000 is required, which is a refundable deposit. At the customer’s request, it is possible to issue a VAT invoice.

Technical page

Each tow truck has separate technical data, about which the customer is informed in advance. during roadside assistance, the tow truck is individually adapted to the vehicle in terms of load capacity and dimensions. The carriages and their retractable ramps are made of a durable material, which is aluminum. The cars are well equipped with a variety of amenities, including: air conditioning, cornering lights, double LED lights, suspension seat, air suspension and many other facilities. The rented car tow truck is always clean and well-maintained to high standards. Tow trucks for rent  are fully usable. Their consumption on the road is not high and largely depends on the driver’s skills. The equipment includes an electric winch. When renting a tow truck , there is no limit in kilometers. Pickup is at a designated and pre-arranged location. Extremely good rental convenience and price. The range of payments is wide and individually selected. You can specify packages for 12 hours, for a full day, for a week, etc. An insurance package is provided and everything necessary to transport cars.

General information

Detailed information is always provided by phone. The price depends on the requirements, the necessary equipment and the amount of time or days for rent. Formalities are dealt with instantly without unnecessary obstacles. The organization of a tow truck rental is extremely simple and not complicated, so everyone can handle it. If necessary, roadside assistance can be provided at any time. The most important thing is customer satisfaction, which is why the services are provided at the highest standards, and the car tow trucks that are rented are of the highest quality to fully ensure road safety. In case of any ambiguities and questions, an answer will be gladly provided. We care about strong competitiveness, lack of breakdowns and perfect reputation. See for yourself how easy it is to rent a car pallet and get rid of all the difficulties associated with the transport of vehicles. Allow yourself easy solutions at a very affordable price.