Translation agency – what are its tasks in helping us expand our company?

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When running our own company, it is natural for us that we simply want to develop it. However, as they say, “appetite grows with eating” – in the case of running a business, there is nothing wrong with that, because eating in this metaphor means development. However, this often goes far beyond our country – and if we want to expand internationally, we must, unfortunately, have at least an advanced knowledge of the language spoken by people in the target country. It is true that nowadays almost all of us have a “standard” command of a language other than the native one – however, it does not always harmonize with the direction in which the development of our company is going. That is why it is often crucial to get outside help. This can be a translation agency.

Tasks of the translation agency in the expansion of our company

A translation agency that will cooperate with our company – assuming that this is its first opportunity to expand beyond the borders of Poland – will certainly have a lot of things to do, and not only easy things. Her duties will most likely include:

  • employment contracts – in the event that we intend to hire employees in our company – and this cannot be avoided if we want to have a branch outside Poland;
  • ongoing correspondence – contact with foreign clients should be our priority – the appropriate translation agency will monitor all e-mails sent to us by clients from the target country on an ongoing basis, and then efficiently translate them and forward them to us – this should work both ways, and the whole it should run as smoothly as possible;
  • comments and opinions – when moving our business abroad, we must take into account the fact that it will meet with some response from the “new community” gathered around our services or products; it is worth that we understand all comments and opinions, so that we can react to them on an ongoing basis and simply adjust the changes related to the specificity of a given country to it;
  • statements and announcements – if we have something official to convey, be it employees of a foreign branch of our company or clients from abroad, we will need the help of a professional; a translation agency is definitely that specialist;
  • website – when directing our offer to foreign customers, we must present it in a way that is understandable for them; regardless of whether we have a regular website or an online store, let’s make sure that they are fully translated and adapted to the specifics of the target customer.

Features of an ideal translation agency

The translation agency whose services we finally decide on must be capable not only of performing the above-mentioned tasks. The basis is its flexibility and adaptation to our needs – these in the case of business can change. We will often need a short and quick, not necessarily very accurate translation , and sometimes it will be necessary to translate an important letter in a very accurate way. The office with which we will cooperate will have to be prepared for each of these options.

Timeliness is very important in all this – it is not without reason that it is said that “time is money”. This has its basis especially in running a business, where often every minute counts. Let’s not expect that every translation will be carried out at an express pace, because that’s not what it’s all about. However, it is important to receive realistic deadlines and to stick to them from the translation agency. This is appreciated not only by us, but also by our foreign contractors.

When working with a translation agency, it is important to trust them with a certain amount of trust, preferably additionally supported by a contract (which is necessary to sign in this type of cooperation). Running your own business often involves signing important documents – these will be translated by a company cooperating with us. We do not always want their content to get “outside” – trust is therefore the basis for this type of cooperation, especially covering every aspect of running a company outside our country.


One of the basic elements of transferring our company’s services outside of Poland is cooperation with a properly qualified translation agency – especially when we do not really know the language of the target country to which we want to reach with the offer. However, in order for this cooperation to proceed in a proper and simply suitable way, we need to know what the office we choose should have. Let us remember that we have the right to be picky in this respect – there are currently tens of thousands of offices of this type in Poland, so we have a lot to choose from. However, let us remember to focus primarily on flexibility – the company’s activities on the international arena are so hard to predict that you have to be ready for almost anything, and we should choose a translation agency that is ready for it.