Home for seniors – comprehensive nursing, medical and rehabilitation care

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Many retirement homes provide comfortable conditions for the elderly. It organizes full service and provides a decent old age. Elderly people require special attention, but often the circumstances are such that the elderly person is left alone. The retirement home is an institution designed for such cases. It provides services by providing accommodation and medical care. If someone is looking for care for elderly parents because they are unable to provide it, they can use this form of support.


A home for seniors offers care for people:

  • After physical injuries
  • With mental health problems
  • After a heart attack
  • After heavy operations
  • With Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

The offer of a home for seniors provides:

  • Breathing gymnastics, therapeutic exercises
  • Organization of leisure, outdoor activities, manual activities
  • Outdoor walks and board games together.

Comfortable conditions for permanent and temporary stay are organized in retirement homes. The staff tries to make people under their care interested in their lives, improving their physical and mental fitness.

A home for seniors provides:

  • 24/7 nursing care
  • Regular doctor visits
  • Comfortable living in comfortable rooms adapted for disabled people
  • Four meals a day
  • Eating help
  • Help with hygiene procedures
  • Daily health monitoring
  • Administration of drugs
  • Washing and ironing of personal clothing
  • Keeping the premises clean and tidy

As a rule, elderly people need:

  • A sense of care and good care
  • A comfortable environment that provides an optimistic outlook and confidence that they can be cured. The doctor regularly diagnoses the health of the elderly, the purpose of which is to identify the feelings of anxiety and neutralize them, combat the feeling of hopelessness and eliminate the causes of irritability.

In bright, spacious rooms with plenty of light, the elderly have the opportunity to communicate with staff and relatives and take part in recreational activities. The sensitive and courageous attitude of the staff and loved ones can work wonders. Older people are able to escape painful memories and tune in to a wave of optimism if they feel genuine care and sympathy.

Rehabilitation after physical injury

Physical injuries in the elderly often require a professional approach, as serious complications can occur that require long-term treatment and regeneration of the body. Specialists recommend paying special attention to complex fractures, since tissue regeneration is a process that is influenced by the nature of the injury, age and individual characteristics of the person.

A home for seniors provides:

      • Professional medical care for head injuries
      • Comprehensive care and exercises improving the function of limbs, joints, meniscus and ligaments
      • Rehabilitation after trauma of varying severity.

If the damaged part of the body does not move for a long time, swelling may occur. In the absence of proper medical care, blood circulation is disturbed, which often leads to atrophy of muscle tissue, general weakness of the body. Rehabilitation after physical injury is developed by specialists according to an individual program. As a rule, the actions include elimination of vascular changes and edema, restoration of limb mobility, and procedures aimed at increasing flexibility and muscle tone.

The goal of rehabilitation is to fully restore physical activity and return to the patient’s previous lifestyle. Appropriate conditions are created in the retirement home, thanks to which the sick recover quickly, avoiding physiological stresses and undertaking procedures for general body strengthening. In particular, the elderly are affected by physical damage, where the bone tissue becomes less dense and the coordination of movements is disturbed. As a result, the risk of fractures increases.

Employees of the retirement home are able to build relationships based on trust, because the basic principles of their work are:

      • Respect for the elderly
      • Acceptance of their character and habits
      • Patience and tact
      • Kindness
      • Diplomatic approach to mood swings, irritability.

Health problems are natural companions of the inevitable aging process, therefore professional care for the elderly requires certain skills from carers. The retirement home employs people experienced in working with disabled people who have lost the ability to take care of themselves, with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc. Nurses regularly monitor the health of inmates, measure blood pressure, blood sugar levels in diabetics and cooperate with family doctor. Care for bedridden people consists in creating a comfortable environment, using the latest techniques aimed at freeing the patient from moral suffering and physical pain. In a home for seniors you can always count on proper care, professional medical and psychological help.