What are roof trusses and what are they used for?

Co to są wiązary dachowe i jakie mają zastosowanie?

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Contrary to appearances, the roof of the building is quite a complicated structure, which, in a way, is the basis of every building. Well-designed and made of appropriate materials ensures stability and safety in various weather conditions. It is known that the roof is not only tiles that are visible from the outside, but also a complex structure that determines its functionality. It can be made of various means, such as, among others, roof trusses – i.e. the most frequently chosen structural elements. So what are roof trusses? What are they applicable to? And why are they used so often?

From this article, you will learn, above all:
– what are roof trusses,
– what are they used for,
– what function do they perform and where are they used.

Roof trusses – what is it?

Roof trusses are extremely durable prefabricated elements made of the highest quality solid wood – the quality of wood is of great importance, because it must be durable and resistant to various conditions and damage. The roof trusses are connected with the use of specialized multi-spike plates, creating a modern roof structure with appropriate technical parameters. It should be mentioned here that precise and correct assembly is a guarantee of success in the form of a strong and stable roof structure.

Roof trusses are the basis of the load-bearing elements of the roof structure in every household and other construction. Their main task is to transfer the weight between the roof and the rest of the building – usually load-bearing walls. Their main and basic element are the so-called strips – upper and lower, which support the posts and diagonals, where:
– posts are vertical elements, constituting a direct external support of the roof structure,
– diagonals are diagonal elements, perfect for roofs with a small slope angle.

Both elements (diagonals and posts) are most often installed in the company of special gusset plates – however, this method is not the only alternative.
All elements of the roof trusses are connected to each other in the so-called nodes. Taking into account the conditions and loads that occur during different seasons (especially in winter) and the threats the roof is subjected to – the connection of roof trusses must be durable and have excellent parameters.
Roof trusses used in construction – especially single-family houses – are mainly made of wood, but there are also those made of steel or reinforced concrete.

However, it should be taken into account that when using steel or reinforced

Roof trusses – where are they used and what are their advantages?

Roof trusses have many design possibilities – they can be used on a large scale in various types of construction. Their indisputable advantage is the fact that they can be used in projects where traditional methods would not work at all – they are therefore an excellent alternative to non-standard construction. Their positive property is lightness, which is why they do not constitute an additional load on the structure of the entire house.

Roof trusses are a universal and relatively inexpensive solution that can be used for all types of roofs. The use of roof trusses enables a much simpler installation of the roof covering than in the case of a steel structure. Therefore, the following types of roof tiles can be used for roof trusses:
– trapezoidal sheet,
– board,

– manure
– reed,
– slate,
– roofing felt shingle,
– ceramic roof tiles,
– metal roof tiles,
– cement roof tiles.

Roof trusses are used practically everywhere, in every modern construction. They are perfect for roofs with a large area and span – thanks to which the extra support points are limited.

In addition, trusses based on roof trusses are used, among others, in construction:
– industrial,
– agricultural,
– economic – housing,
– in frame houses.

Roof trusses, i.e. prefabricated elements – quick and efficient installation of the roof in the building

The technology used in the construction of roof trusses enables extremely quick and efficient assembly of any type of roof in various types of construction. They are produced by numerous manufacturers, from where they come out as ready-to-transport elements. Thanks to this, the need to assemble a special roof truss made of wooden beams disappears – it makes construction works much shorter and easier, and costs are reduced. The construction of roof trusses can take place at any time of the year, even in winter.

Roof trusses are a very important structural element of any building, regardless of its purpose. Their proper construction and the use of good materials guarantee effective and quick installation as well as long-term use and efficiency of the roof, regardless of the season and weather conditions. In addition, roof trusses are of great importance, because they somehow support the structure of the entire building, transferring the load to the main supports of the roof.