What is Soda Rims?

Co to jest sodowanie felg?

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A well-maintained and clean car is the basis for fans of these four wheels. It is worth taking care of your own vehicle so that it always looks as good as possible. You should invest not only in what breaks down inside, but also in any damage outside the car. After all, who doesn’t like to drive a car that runs flawlessly and is beautiful from the outside? However, visits to the car wash are only half the battle. It is also very important to ask for those elements that the water with foam alone will not clean. In such situations, it is worth opting for soda.

Soda, what is it?

The soda blasting method itself was invented in the USA while cleaning the Statue of Liberty, made of steel and copper. This is an abrasive blasting method and consists in ejecting accelerated soda granules from the tank through a pressure hose. The granules hit the surface of the item to be cleaned and ‘explode’. Thanks to the dissipation of energy, the cleaned surface becomes free of dirt. Soda blasting is used almost everywhere where non-invasive cleaning of surfaces, components and parts is the most important. Soda blasting is a very fast and innovative method that is able to remove dirt from even the most delicate material without causing any damage. In addition, it is a non-toxic method, safe for humans and environmentally neutral, and 100% water-soluble.

What is soda for?

  • the soda blasting method is perfect for car renovation. Thanks to this method, it is possible to remove the varnish coating. In addition, the soda blasting process does not damage the metal surface and also ensures minimal masking – without harming the glass or rubber
  • in the general concept of the automotive industry, the soda blasting method has a very large impact on the cleaning of engine components and car body parts. It is also perfect for the renovation of rims and the renovation of vintage cars. Soda blasting allows you to remove paint, rust, grease, assembly adhesives, anti-corrosion protection or bitumen.
  • For the industry, the greatest advantage of soda blasting is the fact that it is a non-flammable method, so it does not pose a threat to safety. In addition, soda blasting does not change the original dimensions of the sheet, does not produce roughness, thanks to which the cleaned surface remains smooth and it is an ecological method. Another advantage of this method is the fact that it can be used in the food industry and that it can be used both dry and wet.
  • soda blasting also has its place in construction. You can use this method to renovate the brick, the surface of which will remain smooth. It also allows the removal of plaster residues, as well as tarnish, environmental dirt and graffiti, and the surface cleaned in this way regains its former color.

What is Soda Rims?

The soda blasting method is widely used in the automotive industry. It is used not only to clean engine and body parts, but also to renovate rims. An independent attempt to bring aluminum rims to their factory condition may result in their damage. Soda blasting does not interfere with the structure of the material, which is why this method is considered the best choice when cleaning rims. The paint on aluminum rims can start chipping over time, which affects their attractiveness. In addition, rims also lose their load-bearing properties over time and deteriorate due to the lack of anti-corrosion coating. Soda-blasting the rims allows you to remove the top, chipping paint layer from them and prepare them for the application of a new protective coating. Soda-blasted rims gain a new look and new protection, thanks to which they will be able to serve for a long time without having to replace them with new ones. It is a fairly quick procedure, the effects of which can be seen almost immediately. A full cleaning takes about 20 minutes. Thanks to soda, the rims gain a new look, which also affects the aesthetics and attractiveness of the entire vehicle and thus increases its price on the market.

Soda and sandblasting

Both soda blasting and sandblasting are methods used to clean various types of materials. They differ primarily in the substances that are used in a given cleaning method. There are a few more differences between the two methods:

    • Soda blasting is primarily an innovative and ecological method, so it does not affect humans in any negative way.
    • The soda blasting method is able to cope with any surface, removing dirt from even the most delicate material. Sandblasting, on the other hand, is a process that, if chosen incorrectly, can damage the surface.
    • during soda blasting, cracks and holes in the cleaned surface are not a problem. However, when it comes to sandblasting, every hole and crevice should be properly sealed beforehand so that no sand gets there.
    • the two methods also differ in speed. Soda is a very fast process, the effects of which do not have to wait long. On the other hand, sandblasting requires more work to achieve the desired effect.