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Traveling by car is very pleasant and comfortable, unfortunately, various unpleasant circumstances can happen while driving. An example is a breakdown, a crash or a dangerous accident. In such situations, autohelp Warsaw is almost irreplaceable. What happens after the tow truck arrives at the scene? Where does autohelp take customers’ vehicles? What is the towing offered by roadside assistance? What repair services does autohelp offer? Is the car parking service worth it? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read. 

What happens after the tow truck arrives at the scene?

If autohelp Warsaw appears at the scene of the accident, the subsequent procedures proceed at a relatively fast pace. In the first place, qualified employees take steps to load the four-wheeler on the trailer efficiently and as safely as possible. This is why the aspect of proper workplace marking is so important. Specialized tow trucks are characterized by having yellow warning signals, which in such cases should be activated almost immediately. The area should be secured with a warning triangle and cones to increase the safety of other road users. In the vast majority of cases, Autohelp Warsaw uses cars that allow towing on a specially adapted platform. She is being abandoned while the car is pulled onto it by a diesel or electric winch. A relatively durable steel rope is connected to it, which is able to pull a vehicle that sometimes weighs even several tons.

Where does autohelp take customers’ vehicles?

When autohelp Warsaw places our vehicle on a tow truck, then it is usually transported directly to a workshop of our choice, where the necessary repairs will be made. It doesn’t have to be an authorized service – nothing stands in the way of choosing an independent workshop that will also deal with faults. The choice is made by the customer or the insurer, depending on who bears the repair costs, which are sometimes really high. Continuing to drive until the repair is possible only if we obtain a replacement four-wheeler. Car rental is the most reasonable solution. However, let’s pay attention to the prices – if they are market and competitive, then the decision to rent can be the most beneficial.

What is the towing offered by roadside assistance?

Autohelp Warsaw

Autohelp Warsaw in the vast majority of cases is associated primarily with towing. We are talking about various forms of transporting a damaged vehicle. The main tool of this type of entities is a tow truck. Towing a broken four-wheeler is definitely the basic task that roadside assistance has to deal with. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that such services often apply not only to passenger cars, but also to vans or trucks. For some drivers, calling roadside assistance is only a last resort. They believe that it is wiser to deal with such a situation on their own, which is obviously irresponsible. However, it is worth being aware that trying to repair it yourself can lead to a situation where the costs of repair or towing will be even higher, and finally we will be forced to engage specialists anyway. So let’s consider whether it’s not better to save your nerves, time and money.

What repair services does autohelp offer?

Autohelp Warsaw in many cases offers repair services . Contrary to appearances, mobile car mechanics can be very practical. In some situations, the car only suffers from minor failures that can be repaired on the road if the right methods and tools are used. Roadside assistance can also help in this case. Remember, however, that these are not strictly mechanical faults. Autohelp Warsaw can also replace a damaged tire or wheel, deliver fuel, and help start the car when the battery runs out. Help often turns out to be necessary due to locking the keys inside the vehicle. Attempting to open it yourself may lead to higher costs.

Is the car parking service worth it?

Autohelp Warszawa also offers a less obvious service, namely providing a parking space. In some situations, any circumstances will make it necessary to leave the vehicle for a limited period of time. Then it is most reasonable to use a guarded car park – such assistance is offered by road companies. This is especially important when we have something valuable inside or we are moving a truck that is much more difficult to park.