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Book blog – basic advice for beginners: the first months of blogging are certainly not the easiest. At the beginning, it is fulfilling your dreams, but later nothing stands in the way of earning from such a hobby. However, this does not change the fact that running a blog on any topic is not an easy task.

Why is scheduling posts so important? Can being inspired be beneficial? Is note taking of trivia a good solution? Why is grammatical correctness so important? How to effectively analyze the results? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the following entry, so we invite you to read it.

Why is scheduling posts so important?

While at the beginning writing posts on a regular basis is a solution that is certainly noteworthy, later, a multitude of random situations should be taken into account. Among them, we can distinguish fatigue, a multitude of duties, lack of inspiration, going out with friends. If we want to avoid irregularities in publications, we should schedule posts as early as possible. In practice, this means that if you are writing exceptionally well on a given day, then it is worth considering creating a few backup posts. It will be possible to publish them in a situation where we are unable to provide new content. However, let us remember that the entries we have created do not lose their relevance. A fairly common phenomenon is, for example, backup reviews, lists or other information, which can be published almost at any time. In a situation where we refer to current events, then information should be shared as soon as possible, otherwise the post will lose its freshness, and at the same time it will not be of interest to anyone.

Can being inspired be beneficial?


Many people wonder where to get ideas for diverse entries that will be interesting for readers. The answer to this question is certainly not the easiest. Before we decide to set up our own blog, we should first think about the concept and plan, which assumes what we would like to publish there. However, you should be aware that it is quite natural that a longer maintenance of the website is associated with a change in previous assumptions. This is completely understandable, because the most important thing is to diversify the content. Nothing stands in the way of watching others and getting inspired. Let’s not copy individual content, because it is primarily illegal and immoral at the same time. So let’s take a look at the blogs and trace what kind of information is placed there. Getting inspiration from people with more experience is good and can be very helpful. However, it should be remembered that the most important thing is to stand out from the rest.

Is note taking of trivia a good solution?

Many bloggers browse a variety of articles en masse. If we find information that is interesting and may prove useful in the post, then it is worth saving a link to such an entry. Don’t count on remembering the site and coming back to it in the future. In the case of fewer links, this is of course possible, but if there are more articles, then serious problems begin. When we run a book blog, then it is worth highlighting quotes. For this purpose, it is possible to use small-sized sticky notes. The consequence of this is that there is no need to mark individual information in the copies.

Why is grammatical correctness so important?

It is worth being aware that you do not have to be educated in Polish to run a good blog. However, this does not change the fact that linguistic correctness is of great importance. It turns out that even the best ideas containing spelling, stylistic or linguistic errors will effectively deter readers, and we would certainly prefer to avoid that. Making a drastic mistake involves a lot of ridicule that is absolutely unnecessary. Unfortunately, readers often turn out to be mean. Let’s check what we managed to write. If there is such a possibility, let’s pass the text to a person close to us for checking.

How to effectively analyze the results?

Running a blog should involve analyzing many results. We are talking not only about checking the bars, but also analyzing the popularity of individual texts. For some people, the view counter is sufficient, but we are not able to read interesting information from it. Let’s use the available tools that are at our disposal completely free of charge. We will check there information on the age and gender of the readers, city of residence. We will also see the most popular entries, but also a lot of other information. Based on them, we are able to even better match the content to the people who follow us.