Want to improve your mood? Go to the beautician

Aktualizacja odbyła się 20 stycznia 2023

The autumn and winter period is difficult. Short day, little sun, low temperatures and a lot of stress resulting from professional or family duties. Without a doubt, all this negatively affects our well-being, not only is it reflected in our behavior, but also in our appearance. So what to do to gain life energy in these sad days? First of all, you should relax, reserving a lot of time just for yourself. And nothing relaxes like cosmetic treatments, they have a positive effect not only on the body, but above all on the soul.

Relaxation for the body and senses


Our inner feelings are strongly related to our outer appearance. Importantly, cosmetic treatments improve not only our mood, but above all our appearance. They can be used on the whole body or specific parts of the body, which will look even better thanks to the treatments. What treatments are worth using?

The most popular is peeling, whose task is to exfoliate dead epidermis, cleanse the skin and prepare it for better absorption of nutrients. After peeling, the residue of the preparation should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and dried thoroughly. The next phase of the cosmetic treatment is massaging selected parts of the figure with a suitable concentrate, the content of which is based on an aromatic component. At this stage, a special mask is put on the client’s body, and then it is wrapped in a special foil.

What treatments are still worth opting for?

30-minute sessions in the mini SPA capsule are very popular among women. The action of such a capsule stimulates the body with light, colors and temperature. This has a positive effect on the client’s skin. Thanks to such a cosmetic treatment, the skin better absorbs all the active ingredients of cosmetic preparations. Many beauty salons add properly selected music and aromatherapy to this treatment, which allows you to fully calm down and relax. This is very important when the weather is gloomy outside and our mood is not the most cheerful.

After a relaxation session in the capsule, removing the foil and rinsing the body with water, you can proceed to the third phase of the treatment. It is a relaxing massage, the aim of which is to relax the body and stimulate blood circulation in our skin.

Care aromas

The list of beauty treatments loved by women is very long and everyone will surely find something for themselves. The basis of all these rituals are aromatic ingredients. The most popular and most frequently chosen of them is chocolate. It has many properties, including slimming and nourishing. Thanks to revitalizing substances, it stimulates microcirculation in the epidermis, thus slowing down the aging process. Ground cocoa husks and chocolate extract are also used for body peeling. The ingredients smooth the skin, improve its elasticity and firmness, which helps in the fight against cellulite and fatty tissue. Chocolate also has a positive effect on improving the mood, a positive, sweet smell is associated with rather pleasures.

Treatments based on the aroma and properties of red wine are also very popular among women. The composition of the body mask used in the peeling includes oil and grape seed extract as well as brown sugar, which effectively cleanse and moisturize the skin. Red wine is an addition to the concentrate and the mask. The mask constructed in this way will protect the skin from environmental pollution and remove toxins from it. The aroma of red wine itself has great relaxing properties, which is why the treatment is especially recommended for tired and stressed people.

Other cosmetic procedures

Not only cosmetic treatments based on aromatic ingredients are a good remedy for a mood drop. Women willingly decide to have a hot stone massage. It is a relaxing and regenerating treatment for a tired body, which also has a very positive effect on the soul. This treatment uses pieces of rock of volcanic origin, i.e. the so-called black basalts. Heated to the right temperature, they have natural energy storage abilities. This energy is released upon contact with the skin. Pleasant warmth has a healing effect, especially on sick parts of the body. The stones used in cosmetic treatments have a perfectly smooth surface and an oval shape. Using them causes the expansion of blood vessels and increases blood flow in the muscles, thanks to which it effectively eliminates their tension and pain.

When choosing a relaxing treatment for yourself or your friends, it is also worth considering a traditional massage. It improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and at the same time allows you to effectively forget about everyday problems, having a soothing effect on our senses, and in combination with a properly selected essential oil, it has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, alleviating the symptoms of stress. On gray, autumn and winter days, it is worth investing in such treatments.