Curiosities related to the use of bongos

Aktualizacja odbyła się 20 stycznia 2023

The bongo shop is where you can find many types of hookahs. There are dozens of techniques for taking herbs and tobacco, but smoking them is still the most popular. The traditional method based on combustion is not the healthiest proposition, so it is worth considering buying a cheap, nice and efficient accessory, i.e. a bong. At the beginning, however, it is worth getting acquainted with the mechanics of its operation.

Bongo is simply a water pipe that is used to smoke herbs, tobacco and cannabis. The construction of this item allows you to filter the resulting smoke with water. Articles of this type are usually made of glass, silicone and acrylic. There is also no shortage of proposals for which naturally occurring raw materials, such as wood or bamboo, were used.

Bongo construction – practical information

The bongo is made of several elements, and each of them plays an important role. The full potential of a water pipe can be felt thanks to the good connection of its individual parts, so when buying, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the item. The bong consists of:

  • mouthpiece, i.e. a special hole located in the upper part of the water pipe. To inhale the smoke, put your mouth to it and draw air into your lungs;
  • a chamber that is the place where the smoke generated in the combustion process accumulates. The smoke enters the chamber as soon as it is filtered by water;
  • the bowl, which in its shape resembles a small bowl, is used to tamp the dried material in it for combustion. The lower part of the bowl is below the surface of the water. It is through it that the smoke passes before being filtered by water;
  • the clutch is an element that only appears on some models. If present, it is in the form of a hole in the wall of the vessel, which must be covered with one finger to increase the amount of smoke in the chamber;
  • pitcher, i.e. a special water tank where the smoke undergoes a filtration process.

A well-stocked bongo shop offers its customers a wide selection of products in a full range of sizes, prices and colors. Most of such places also have qualified staff who are always ready to answer questions asked by customers and provide support in the final selection of products.

Practical advice on using a bong

Using this type of water pipe is not particularly difficult, but you should remember a few simple rules during it. The first step is to clean the dish, i.e. simply wash it thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and running water. Then pour some water into the base of the snorkel – this must be done with the mouthpiece. It is optimal when the liquid level covers about three centimeters of the lower part of the bowl. Despite the commonly held opinion, a larger amount of water is not synonymous with an increase in the pleasant sensations of smoking. The fluid should be replaced every time it changes color, as this indicates that the water has become contaminated and its filtration efficiency has decreased. The next step is to prepare the material and fill the upper part of the bowl with it.

Before herbs or tobacco are placed in the bowl, make sure that there is proper air flow in it. To check this, just blow into the bowls. If the air flow comes from the other side – it means that everything is fine. Otherwise, you will need to push the tube with a thin tool, such as a pen refill.

Once all of the above guidelines are met, the smoker should grip the bong by the chamber. If the vessel has a coupling, it should be blocked with your finger at first. Then you have to put your mouth to the mouthpiece, light the lighter and bring the open fire closer to the filled bowl. At this stage, one inhales, the smoke is held in the lungs for a few moments, and slowly exhaled. A good bongo shop will certainly ensure that people who have first contact with a water pipe are properly trained, and sellers are happy to share their experiences in a practical form.


Cleaning a water pipe

After smoking, do not forget to thoroughly clean the vessel. No matter how often the water was changed during smoking, the bong was bound to get dirty anyway. You can try to wash them with home methods, but it is best to buy special detergents designed for this type of treatment. They are usually available at bongo shops.

Such chemicals are extremely effective and easy to use. Just pour a special powder into the water, mix thoroughly, and then pour it into a water pipe and make a few vigorous movements with it. Thanks to this treatment, all deposits and deposits that have accumulated during smoking will be removed. Dry the dish thoroughly afterwards. At the same time, it is also prepared for the next use. You can’t forget to clean the bowl. You can do this by dipping it in a bowl with a mixture of water and water pipe cleaner.