Many retirement homes provide comfortable conditions for the elderly. It organizes full service and provides a decent old age. Elderly people require special attention, but often the circumstances are such that the elderly person is left alone. The retirement home is an institution designed for such cases. It provides services by providing accommodation and medical care. If someone is looking for care for elderly parents because they are unable to provide it, they can use this form of support.


A home for seniors offers care for people:

  • After physical injuries
  • With mental health problems
  • After a heart attack
  • After heavy operations
  • With Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

The offer of a home for seniors provides:

  • Breathing gymnastics, therapeutic exercises
  • Organization of leisure, outdoor activities, manual activities
  • Outdoor walks and board games together.

Comfortable conditions for permanent and temporary stay are organized in retirement homes. The staff tries to make people under their care interested in their lives, improving their physical and mental fitness.

A home for seniors provides:

  • 24/7 nursing care
  • Regular doctor visits
  • Comfortable living in comfortable rooms adapted for disabled people
  • Four meals a day
  • Eating help
  • Help with hygiene procedures
  • Daily health monitoring
  • Administration of drugs
  • Washing and ironing of personal clothing
  • Keeping the premises clean and tidy

As a rule, elderly people need:

  • A sense of care and good care
  • A comfortable environment that provides an optimistic outlook and confidence that they can be cured. The doctor regularly diagnoses the health of the elderly, the purpose of which is to identify the feelings of anxiety and neutralize them, combat the feeling of hopelessness and eliminate the causes of irritability.

In bright, spacious rooms with plenty of light, the elderly have the opportunity to communicate with staff and relatives and take part in recreational activities. The sensitive and courageous attitude of the staff and loved ones can work wonders. Older people are able to escape painful memories and tune in to a wave of optimism if they feel genuine care and sympathy.

Rehabilitation after physical injury

Physical injuries in the elderly often require a professional approach, as serious complications can occur that require long-term treatment and regeneration of the body. Specialists recommend paying special attention to complex fractures, since tissue regeneration is a process that is influenced by the nature of the injury, age and individual characteristics of the person.

A home for seniors provides:

      • Professional medical care for head injuries
      • Comprehensive care and exercises improving the function of limbs, joints, meniscus and ligaments
      • Rehabilitation after trauma of varying severity.

If the damaged part of the body does not move for a long time, swelling may occur. In the absence of proper medical care, blood circulation is disturbed, which often leads to atrophy of muscle tissue, general weakness of the body. Rehabilitation after physical injury is developed by specialists according to an individual program. As a rule, the actions include elimination of vascular changes and edema, restoration of limb mobility, and procedures aimed at increasing flexibility and muscle tone.

The goal of rehabilitation is to fully restore physical activity and return to the patient’s previous lifestyle. Appropriate conditions are created in the retirement home, thanks to which the sick recover quickly, avoiding physiological stresses and undertaking procedures for general body strengthening. In particular, the elderly are affected by physical damage, where the bone tissue becomes less dense and the coordination of movements is disturbed. As a result, the risk of fractures increases.

Employees of the retirement home are able to build relationships based on trust, because the basic principles of their work are:

      • Respect for the elderly
      • Acceptance of their character and habits
      • Patience and tact
      • Kindness
      • Diplomatic approach to mood swings, irritability.

Health problems are natural companions of the inevitable aging process, therefore professional care for the elderly requires certain skills from carers. The retirement home employs people experienced in working with disabled people who have lost the ability to take care of themselves, with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc. Nurses regularly monitor the health of inmates, measure blood pressure, blood sugar levels in diabetics and cooperate with family doctor. Care for bedridden people consists in creating a comfortable environment, using the latest techniques aimed at freeing the patient from moral suffering and physical pain. In a home for seniors you can always count on proper care, professional medical and psychological help.

Dofinansowania do myjni samochodowej

For more or less a few years, we can notice that we have an increasing number of car washes in our country. In the vast majority, these are maintenance-free car washes, based on pressure washers technology. This type of economic activity is referred to as a passive business, because it requires quite a large amount of own contribution, but generates quite large profits at very low costs. For this reason, many people would like to invest in this type of business. The question, however, is how to obtain funding for this type of business activity. In a moment, we will tell you about the best methods of financing your own touchless car wash, according to many experts.


At the very beginning, we need to talk a bit about costs. Otherwise, the issue of raising funds or a possible loan, etc. will be somewhat detached from the basics.

A self-service car wash with six positions will be built for about PLN 500,000. We are talking about a complete car wash with floors and devices. We can similarly conclude that a car wash with three stations will cost PLN 250,000. In principle, we can freely calculate how much a car wash with a specific number of stations will cost. The cost does not include the cost of purchasing or leasing a given construction plot and its utilities, if necessary. As we can see, we need quite a lot of money to start. As you can guess, not everyone has one. Before we go to the bank for a loan, it is good to find out how much we can get as a subsidy and what form of ownership of the car wash is the most beneficial for us.

What funding methods do we have?

We can consider many different things as funding. In fact, we can divide them into many categories. The two main ones are definitely non-refundable or refundable subsidies on preferential terms that can be offered to us by the state or the European Union. The second category is co-financing as an investment in our business, with the option to buy it after some time. Of course, this definition is general, because it must contain many concepts, such as franchise, leasing, credit, etc. In a moment, we will discuss the best methods, according to many industry experts, to obtain funding for your own passive business, which is a touchless self-service car wash. Of course, we will not discuss the issue of taking a loan here, because it is a fairly obvious option, but not necessarily the best.


The simplest form of starting your own business in the car wash industry is signing a franchise agreement with a large network of car washes. This has significant advantages. First of all, we can obtain funding for our business under a franchise agreement, and additionally we are starting under the banner of a well-known brand. This can attract a lot of customers on a good day. In addition, the franchisor will most likely share with us his knowledge about running a business. There are of course also downsides. The two biggest ones are, of course, the need to share profits with the franchisor, and the second is the lack of independence. As a franchisee, we must adapt to the business model of the larger partner, and in the event of disputes or inspections, we are usually in a weaker position. However, this is an option to be considered by a potential investor.


Leasing for the construction of a touchless car wash is a rather interesting option, but not necessarily considered by many people. First of all, hardly anyone realizes that a car wash can be leased at all. This type of solution has many advantages. First of all, the leasing offer is usually more advantageous than the issue of a regular loan. In addition, leasing, and more precisely its costs, can be deducted from the company’s revenues all the time, so the taxes we pay during the duration of the leasing contract are ridiculously low.

EU grants

The biggest subsidies we can get will always come from the European Union, and if not always, then certainly for a very long time. Currently, the most prospective in terms of financial issues is applying for funding from the “Human Capital” program. The amounts awarded in this program are of course different, but the maximum amount is up to forty thousand zlotys, so there is a lot to strive for. If we want to apply for this type of subsidy, we must meet certain guidelines. First of all, in the year preceding the submission of the application for co-financing, we cannot have a registered business activity. By default, this program is supposed to help you set up your own business.

National subsidies

When it comes to national subsidies, the largest of those easily available can be offered by the employment office. Generally speaking, an application for co-financing may be submitted by anyone who is registered as an unemployed person at the employment office. The subsidy at the employment office is up to six times the average salary in the country. This subsidy usually increases over time, because the average salary in the country goes up systematically. Currently, such funding amounts to about twenty thousand zlotys.

Ordinateur portable de jeu

Are you starting to be fascinated by computer games and have just discovered that it is not only great entertainment, but also a quick and effective way to earn money? It’s great that you’ve just found a new passion, but when starting a new adventure with the world of computer games, you should remember about a few important issues. By following our tips, you will avoid mishaps and mistakes that have affected other gamers on the way to developing this extremely fashionable passion today.

The basis for fulfilling the hobby related to computer games is having a technically good laptop. You can buy modern laptops for players in various online stores, the prices are really more and more favorable. When choosing the right gaming laptop, you should be guided not only by the price, but also by the brand. Only the equipment of a reputable computer manufacturer will give you a great start in this industry. After all, you buy a computer to serve you for years, not to have it serviced at least once a month!

What should a good gaming laptop contain?

Technical parameters always come first. Proven gaming laptops have slightly longer and wider monitors than traditional laptops. Thanks to this, the view of the space displayed in front of us during the game is clearer, better, more realistic. The second important element will also be the quality of the graphics card. Thanks to the refined card responsible for the graphics in the laptop, all images emitted on the monitor of a portable computer will be as close to the real world as possible! Then there’s the sound. Of course, it is necessary to think about the additional purchase of speakers connected to laptops, but good equipment in itself can transmit sounds to our ears in very high and very clear parameters. A true gaming fan plays not only at home, but really wherever possible. Laptops for gamers should therefore have a lightweight design so that they can be easily carried in specially designed bags.

Additional items for gaming laptops

The more additional elements we add to our gaming station, the greater the comfort of going through subsequent games. We will definitely need wide headphones put on the ears, perfectly isolating us from reality. After putting them on the ears, there is only us and the story to get through, nothing else matters. It will also be good to think about a characteristic and handy computer mouse, although you can find quite a large group of gamers who only need to use touchpads to play on laptops. In our opinion, playing with a mouse is much more pleasant, because we operate the whole hand at once, and not just individual fingers, which in practice may seem a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable in the long run. Modern gaming mice are designed with the greatest attention to detail.

An intimate place to play

Having your own laptop for a gamer is a great convenience for a young person fascinated by modern technologies and computer games. In an instant, you have to rearrange the whole room to create a corner for your favorite pastime. Home laptops for gamers can be placed on specially designed desks, where special elevations for monitors or laptops are mounted on the tops. If we do not want to get rid of our books and other gadgets from the desk just to put a gaming computer there, we can create a completely new gaming station. It won’t take up too much space. All you need is a modest table and a swivel chair. It is most pleasant to play with dimmed lights and when no one disturbs us. We close ourselves in our world and we can shape our dexterity, sense of observation and perceptiveness. After all, all these skills are most useful in real life, when we leave the player’s zone.

How does a seasoned gamer live?

True gaming fans invest not only in new gaming laptops of the highest generation, but also in all events gathering fans of testing their strength in virtual reality. During the year, at least several events are organized for fans of computer games. You can take part in various competitions with valuable prizes, as well as establish contacts with representatives of the entire industry. For many graphic designers and programmers, such events have become a springboard to a real career. A seasoned gamer always stands guard over the fact that he can try out the titles that are currently appearing on the market as soon as possible. With all the computer games just entering the market, you must be on your side.

Suppose this happens: your car is completely out of order, the garage says it will be ready in a week or so. You, on the other hand, need to quickly get to the other end of the city, you can’t use public transport because you have to carry a few things back and forth. For this reason, taking a taxi is out of the question. What do you have left except to call and ask your friends for favors? Car rental, of course!
Another example: we are in a foreign city that we have arrived by train. We do not know the timetables or bus and tram routes. We want to be independent. So we rent a car and everything goes smoothly afterwards.

Seems simple? It really is. The car rental company will not demand anything from us that we would not normally have with us. We must have a driving license, ID card, in the case of a company we should also have a copy of the National Court Register, a certificate of entry in the Business Activity Register, a scan of the REGON and NIP numbers – something from this list we will definitely need during the rental. Some rentals also have an age restriction, such as 75. Some of them will not want to lend us a car if we do not have, for example, a year of driving experience.

How to rent a car? It’s quite simple. Most of the rental companies will allow us to make a phone reservation, some have online forms or allow us to rent via e-mail. Of course, we can also go to the place and choose a car there and make a reservation.

It is very important to write the contract itself. We should exercise extreme vigilance to avoid unpleasant consequences later on. We need to know if we have a limit of kilometers to go and what is the rate for exceeding them. We should also find out what the fuel level in the tank is. Be sure to check whether it is possible to use the car by another person, because many companies will want the other driver’s details to be included in the contract. The information that must be included in the contract is: registration number, VIN, make and model. Let’s take not one, but two contact phone numbers from the rental company. Let’s also determine who pays for the fuel costs. Basically, the car rental company will expect the tank to be the same as it was before you left and may charge us if we fail to do so. It is also good to find out if the borrower agrees to pay by bank transfer or in a foreign currency. Let’s also determine the rules for a possible extension of the rental – we never know what situations may happen during the rental period. It is also worth asking if the car can be rented in one place and returned in another place.

Car rental usually has a very wide range of choices. If we feel good behind the wheel of a Skoda, we will rent a Skoda. If we need a big car, we rent an SUV. Prices may vary depending on which car we choose and for how much. The average price is around sixty zlotys, many companies charge a deposit right away. Just in case.

Many drivers wonder if they will bear any responsibility if they crash. This will not happen if the incident was not their fault. They should normally be sent a statement from the scene of the accident which identifies the perpetrator. You must provide – of course – his OC policy number. The car rental company will deal with the insurer itself, and we will usually get a replacement car. However, it is worth calling the police to the scene of the accident and not waiting for the situation to develop, but immediately inform the car owners.

Another question that drivers often ask – is it possible to go abroad with a rented vehicle? Most rental companies agree to this service, but you need to discuss it with them first. This should be included in the contract as the cost may increase.

Van rental Szczecin  often meet customer expectations. In many you can rent a car together with a child seat. Some also operate at night, although they reserve that their services can be used at this time only in the event of a breakdown of our own means of transport.
Some people assume that renting a car is a much better option than buying one. After all, car rental companies have a large selection, so you can adapt to your preferences. No need to take loans or take a lease. These options have their advantages and disadvantages – some people prefer to have their own car in the garage. It is definitely useful when we do not have our own means of transport, and we do not want to cram on buses or trains with large luggage. It will also come in handy when something suddenly falls out.

It is always worth checking the reviews about the car rental company we are going to. Perhaps other drivers have something interesting to say there. If the car rental company has a good reputation, we can easily rent a car from there and hit the road!

Horse riding lessons are the dream of many children. Thanks to them, they not only spend time outdoors in an interesting and active way, but also establish close contacts with animals, which positively affects their psychosocial development. Horse riding can be a great adventure also for adults. Riding lessons can be started at any age. If you dream about trying this developing and relaxing sport, don’t hesitate to look for a good riding school in your area!

How to start horse riding?

It’s easy! All you have to do is look for a stable or a nursery and go to the first lesson! You’ve probably heard that horse riding is quite an expensive hobby. Remember, however, that you do not have to come to the first class equipped with professional equipment for riders . Indeed, the cost of buying a horse riding outfit in an equestrian shop – for horse riding is quite high, but this move can be postponed for the future, when you are 100% sure that horse riding is something for you. The first lesson will allow you to get used to the horse. The instructor will instruct you on how to properly mount, dismount and handle the horse properly. If you feel fear at the sight of a large animal, do not back away hastily, as this is perfectly normal. We are anxious when dealing with something that is new to us, so it is very important that our trainer skilfully guides us through each stage of getting to know the horse. You will certainly not be the only person at the stud who has never stroked a horse before the first lesson! If you want to understand this wonderful animal, use professional guides and books about horses.

Healing effects of horses on health

Horse riding is considered a very healthy sport. It trains the sense of balance, develops leg muscles and forces us to work with the pelvis and other lower parts of the body that we forget about during everyday activities. However, these are not all the reasons for the great trust that equestrianism enjoys among doctors and therapists. It has been discovered that horse riding helps during convalescence and rehabilitation of people after amputations, posture defects, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy. Hippotherapy also helps people with mental disorders, it is often used by children with autism or Down syndrome. Hippotherapy in Poland is not only physiotherapy on a horse. This name covers various types of therapeutic activities related to horses and equestrianism. Contact with the animal helps to calm the body, has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and respiratory system, as it reduces the production of the stress hormone. Every person, both sick and healthy, can enjoy the wonderful health benefits of horse farming.

Is horseback riding expensive?

More and more children and adults want to try a sport that will not only improve their physical condition, but also guarantee calmness, rest and a lot of positive emotions. One such activity will certainly be learning to ride a horse. The price of lessons will depend on whether they are conducted individually or in groups. The progress and development of equestrian skills will entail further costs related to the purchase of professional equestrian clothing and horse equipment. People who practice horse riding will certainly say that every expense related to taking additional riding lessons is a great investment of money. Huge relaxation and a lot of positive impressions taken from each visit to the stud are priceless experiences. It’s worth trying at least a few lessons to see

Are there any contraindications to horse riding?

Despite the beneficial effect of horse riding on various ailments, there is also a list of diseases that prevent horse riding. If someone suffers from knee or spine diseases, he should take into account that horse riding puts a lot of strain on these parts of the body. Therefore, some ailments on their part could intensify. Unfortunately, people allergic to horse hair should accept that horse riding lessons are not recommended for them. People with epilepsy, hydrocephalus, detached retina, and profound mental retardation will also not be able to use it. Anyone with any medical condition should see a doctor to make sure they can take riding lessons. It may turn out that in a given case they are not only allowed,

If you’ve been dreaming about visiting a horse farm for a long time, don’t hesitate! Certainly, there is also a place in your area where you can go to ask instructors and stable employees all questions related to learning to ride a horse. When you try to sit in the saddle, you may find that you have just discovered your new passion!

Why is chiptuning worth doing?

If you decide to chiptune your car, check beforehand whether autoelectronics is a strong point of the automotive service point you go to. The price of chiptuning is not low, but thanks to this service the engine operating parameters will be modified in such a way that the car functions efficiently and economically. Thanks to this, it will be possible to optimize engine operation in passenger cars and trucks. For this, a workshop equipped with a chassis dynamometer will be needed, thanks to which it will be possible to diagnose how all the systems for which the engine controller is responsible work.

Chiptuning – what is it?

Chiptuning is nothing more than a modification of the software settings that make the engine work. It is an optimization that makes the car subject to electronic tuning, thanks to which you can increase the engine speed, change the maximum speed, and improve the functioning of the braking system. If the service is performed correctly, changing the parameters will not lead to unpleasant consequences related to the violation of the exhaust emission standard. Thanks to this, you will be able to be calm both for the environment and for your wallet, because in the event of an inspection you will not face severe penalties. In order for the chiptuning to be done correctly, all parameters of the car placed on the chassis dynamometer must be read. This is how diagnosis is done. Based on the read parameters, the software is then modified. If you want to tweak the car with chiptuning, remember that a good mechanic should check the car’s operation again on a chassis dynamometer after modifying the settings. This will let you know that the optimization was successful and that the car is running efficiently.

Is it possible to chiptune cheaply?

To be sure that the chiptuning service will be carried out in an accurate and professional manner, you should use a proven, trusted workshop staffed by programmers who know their stuff. A chiptuning specialist will be able to skilfully modify the settings so that the engine will not be overloaded during operation. This will save you on fuel. Remember that the vehicle after chiptuning should be thoroughly checked on a chassis dynamometer, because only this way it will be possible to check whether all settings have been modified in an optimal way. In the event of any error, it will then be quickly detected. This is important because incorrect chiptuning is rather difficult to detect during normal driving. Only then do we find out that something was wrong, when one of the systems in the car fails, which is definitely too late. Surely you are wondering whether it is worth performing chiptuning, especially since the prices of this service are often quite high. You need to consider what solution is the most economical for your car in the long term. It is true that the electronic tuning of the engine costs a lot, but as a result, it reduces the cost of operating the car.

Who performs chiptuning?

To be sure that the electronic tuning of the car has been done correctly, it is best to use a workshop that enjoys great trust among many customers and can boast of having all the required certificates and approvals. Look for points that specialize in autoelectronics, and employees use legal, original and modern software and hardware. In proven and professional car repair shops offering such services, you will be able to take advantage of professional advice and chiptuning services for both passenger cars and trucks. If you give the car to an experienced programmer, you can be sure that the service will be worth the price and will certainly be performed in a proper way. Thanks to it, the comfort of driving a given car will be significantly improved, maneuvering will be even easier and safer. Increasing engine power will be simple and easily achievable if you try to use the services of experienced professionals. Remember that the price of the chiptuning service usually depends on the year of the car and the type of engine. The final cost of the electronic car tuning service is best determined by asking for a quote for a specific car.

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest technology and consider whether driving a car will not be more economical if you use professional chiptuning. Thanks to this, you will make driving a company or private car, truck or passenger car easier by improving the dynamics and increasing the maximum engine speed. Remember that a well-performed service at a legal point is aimed at optimizing the functioning of the car, so you don’t have to worry that some parameters will be too low or too high.

drewno na wiezbe

In ancient times, wood was the basis of construction. If we look at medieval castles, we will see that the huge stones that make them rest on massive wooden structures. It was a proven solution, after all, no one else had any other materials at that time. Naturally, people invested in wood, imported it, and roofing was a very popular profession. 

Advantages of wooden structures

Today, wooden structures are back in favor, because they are not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly due to the natural ingredients from which they were made. Note that so much has been said about the harmfulness of asbestos and other materials on which the construction of various buildings was based. It’s a wonder that no one came up with the idea of ​​reminding people that wooden roof trusses are visually attractive and very durable.

If we take a look at the old, post-German houses in Lower Silesia, especially those characterized by the so-called half-timbered walls, we will not believe that they are resistant to various types of weather anomalies. I live in one of these houses myself. No matter how strong the wind is, no matter what terrible storm comes – wooden structures withstand where all others can fail. That is why they are so attractive and willingly chosen. On their basis, not only houses are built, but also large market halls and other places where people stay. Price is also a factor here. Wooden constructions are not expensive, and the time of their implementation is not really eternity. Naturally, they are chosen for the sake of saving time and money.

Wooden structures in the garden 

Wooden structures it is also a great idea when it comes to arranging space in the garden. We can imagine a rockery with a small pond, a paved path and beautiful flower beds, but let’s also add a gazebo made of wood. Summer evenings at the barbecue will pass in a nice time without worrying that in the event of rain everyone will come out wet. What’s more, such a gazebo can be overgrown with garden vegetation. It is also a great place for children to play. Speaking of children, wooden structures can often be made to order. Roofers have been dealing with such things for years. Naturally, you can ask them for a wonderful tree house for our children. Or just a house where children can play for hours outdoors. In the age of computers, it is very important.

Wooden structures are also innovative and modern and are currently very popular among people who own or build houses. This is because everyone would like to have a durable house, and at the same time to be able to boast to their friends that everything is created with ecological thought and a sense of care for nature. Anyway, to tell the truth, wooden structures also allow for some madness related to the design of shapes. There are no limits to our imagination here. Wooden trusses can be arranged in such a way that they create a visually attractive and at the same time strong roof.

Where to buy wooden structures

Wooden constructions can be found in the catalogs of companies that deal with construction. It should be taken into account that roofing is an art form, not just a craft. For this reason, we have a really large selection. There are plenty of people on the Internet who could create a decent construction for us, but in order to choose the best, you need to follow a few rules. First of all, always check comments, read reviews and find out from third parties who have previously used the services of a given company. The rule is that a dissatisfied customer will always leave a comment. Let us remember, however, that on the Internet everyone can write what saliva brings to his tongue and each such revelation must be passed through a dense sieve. Of course, it is also worth using such knowledge resources as Internet forums. We find not only people.

Summary of wooden structures

The advantages of wooden structures are therefore enormous. First of all, they leave a lot of room for imagination, they are relatively light, look very nice, and proper maintenance will make them last for many years. Nowadays, it is worth reaching for solutions that used to work well in the past. Ecology is now very important: after all, people are constantly appealing to take care of the area and respect nature.

Wooden structures are therefore a fantastic idea for both new and old construction. They will allow us to spread our wings as people who plan the shape and appearance of the roof or other finishes on their own. They will also make it possible to design the garden in such a way that we can walk around it with dry feet like the Japanese in their great botanical parks. Wooden structures are the future of construction and a truly good investment!

Delikatesy online

Online delicatessen food is very popular in the food industry. Understanding the meaning of a word will make it easier to search for specific items later, which is especially important in this case. What is a delicatessen? What products can we buy at the delicatessen? What can’t be found in a delicatessen? Which is better – online deli or stationery? The answers to these questions can be found in the following articles, which we invite all interested to read.

What is a delicatessen?

Before we start thinking about anything in this regard, it’s worth understanding what an online deli really is. Originally, this was how grocery stores from distant corners of the world were described – they were often considered exclusive. The first deli to sell products from the colony. The way these products were treated, along with the non-existence of colonies, radically changed the meaning of the word. Today, in the deli, we can successfully find products from all over the world. However, this does not change their character, because they are known for their above-average quality, which is a priority for many. Knowing about an online delicatessen, we can go to such a store and know that we will probably find the product we are looking for.

What products can we buy at the delicatessen?

We already know what an online delicatessen is. Now it’s worth getting more information about what we can find in these places. Are you looking for products to use in countries far from Europe? You’re more likely to find them in a deli than in other mainstream stores. This is mainly because the delicatessen chain has found its niche there. Of course, this does not change the fact that we also buy oriental products in large-format stores or discount stores, but we usually talk about products that have become more popular recently for some reason. A good example is sushi – just a few years ago it was very unique and rare. Currently, this dish is widely eaten in Asian restaurants, but such products can also be found in regular stores. The situation is quite different with dishes and ingredients from small, wide areas. If you are interested in purchasing such products, keep in mind that these are not only stationary stores. Online, you can find more and more popular delicatessen online. The ability to make the necessary purchases without leaving the apartment is undoubtedly a great convenience.

What can’t be found in a delicatessen?

However, despite our efforts to find them, we cannot find some products in this category. It is also not always an ideal place for shopping. This is especially evident when our financial situation forces us to think about our food expenses and we want to buy as little as possible. Research has found that we typically pay 20% to 30% more at a deli than at a brick-and-mortar store. There are also networks that exceed the previously mentioned values. If you’re saving or don’t have enough money, you should avoid these delis or go to an online store – they’re much cheaper and that’s probably why they’re so popular.

Which is better – online deli or stationery?

Many people wonder what is the better solution – online or stationary delicatessen. Customers want to know if they will buy more when shopping for home delivery than if we went to the store ourselves. Based on the statistics of purchases with delivery, it can be said that purchases with the delivery option are not more expensive than regular purchases, on the contrary – it is often the other way around. Online delicatessen often offer attractive discounts if the purchase is worth more than a certain amount. Completely free shipping is a common occurrence. It is much more beneficial than coming to the store on your own – we save not only our precious time, but also money – we usually get to the store. Fuel is not the cheapest, but delicatessens are not as popular as traditional stationary stores – which is certainly worth remembering.

Czym jest polisa dla firm transportowych?

Every year, the owners of transport companies decide to purchase the OCP of the carrier. What it comes from? This is conditioned primarily by the fact that thanks to such insurance, the transport company gains a guarantee that in the event of any accident resulting in a significant loss of value of the transported goods, it will receive appropriate compensation from the insurance company. Despite the fact that the carrier’s OCP is not included in the group of mandatory insurance, all serious transport companies decide to purchase it. 

Carrier’s OCP – what is this insurance and who is it for? 

Goods transported by trucks are often much more valuable than the car itself. Although the goods do not belong to the carrier, they are fully responsible for them during the performance of the transport service. If the goods were stolen or damaged, the owner of the transport company would have to pay very high compensation to the customer out of his own pocket. However, there is a way to avoid this necessity. How? Reaching for the carrier’s OCP insurance. The carrier’s OCP policy can be used by all entrepreneurs who transport goods for commercial purposes. It is worth knowing that it does not matter whether a person has a small business run as an individual or is the owner of a huge company. The scope of protection offered by the company should always be similar. The protection applies from the moment the goods are accepted for transport until they are delivered to the final recipient. Even when the transport company transfers the order to deliver the goods to a subcontractor, the carrier’s OCP policy still applies. Is the carrier’s liability insurance mandatory? It turns out not. The decision to purchase such a policy can be made by the entrepreneur himself after taking into account all the pros and cons. There is no information in Polish regulations that insurance of transported goods is mandatory. However, practice shows something completely different. Why? It’s really obvious. After all, customers prefer to use the services of such a transport company that will guarantee them that in the event of any breakdown or accident on the road, they have the carrier’s OCP.

What will be the cost of purchasing the carrier’s OCP insurance?

The final cost of OCP insurance is determined by many different factors. Premiums for this insurance are determined according to carefully defined rules. Of course, insurance companies allow negotiations with a transport company that would like to purchase a policy. The most important factors affecting the final cost of purchasing the carrier’s OCP include:

  • guarantee sum – it means the amount up to which the insurer will cover all losses,
  • income earned by the transport company in the current calendar year and in previous years,
  • the type of goods transported by the transport company.

The cost of OCP insurance is determined individually, however, the amount for the policy may be subject to negotiation. You should be prepared for the high price of TPL insurance, especially when you want to transport works of art or animals. Many insurance companies do not offer OCP insurance for transporting animals or works of art at all. Choosing a specific insurance policy is extremely important. We cannot pay attention only to keeping the price as low as possible, because later it may turn out that the scope of protection offered will be too low.

How to buy carrier’s liability insurance? 

How to find the best carrier’s OCP company? It is very easy. There are many special comparison websites on the Internet, thanks to which you can quickly compare up to a dozen offers from different insurance companies in one place. The most important thing is that using the services of such specialized comparison websites is completely free. This is not only convenient, but also a huge time saver. Once we have chosen the best insurance company from the rest thanks to the insurance ranking, we can contact a consultant of a given company. We encourage you to try to negotiate some attractive policy conditions yourself. Relying on a standard version of the contract prepared by an insurance agent will not be a good solution. Worth knowing, that the OCP of the carrier is not only optional, but also its scope in each company may be different. It is not like in the case of ordinary liability insurance, where regardless of which insurance company we buy the policy from, the scope of insurance will always be the same. When it comes to carrier’s liability insurance, the most depends on the policy pursued by a particular insurance company, the agent’s competence as well as our determination to agree on such conditions that will fully meet our needs.


Czym jest geologia stosowana i jak praktycznie wykorzystać ją w życiu?

There is always a disconnect between theory and practice in science. Applied geology, as opposed to, for example, historical geology, focuses 100% on the practical use of the acquired knowledge. It is most often used in engineering sciences and is highly valued by construction experts. Applied geology is divided into five main branches, each of which has important applications in the country’s economy. What exactly is applied geology and how does it help us in our daily lives?

Engineering Geology

Applied geology in the general sense deals with the practical use of geological data. They are of particular importance in engineering geology. It is important from the point of view of spatial planning in communes and other territorial units. In addition, it is significant from the perspective of the construction of buildings. A building surveyor must ask a geologist for an appropriate expert opinion before he prepares the appropriate plan of the building. Engineering geology is divided into many sub-divisions. Soil mechanics are particularly important as they help determine whether the foundation will support the building loads. Then you can avoid frequent subsidence, which is dangerous from the construction point of view. Geotechnics, in turn, tries to combine unusual geological conditions with the possibility of creating unusual projects.

Engineering geology tries to determine the most favorable soil and water conditions for a building. Applied geology began its activity about 100 years ago. Since then, new standards, regulations and laws regarding soil testing have been constantly added. The geologist must memorize the various steps by which he will check the geological properties of the foundation layers. The whole thing ends with the creation of appropriate documentation, which is a guideline for further stages of building construction.

Deposit geology

Deposit geology is important from the perspective of applied geology. It is thanks to them that the search for the most important mineral resources for man has developed. Mineral ores, which are important from the point of view of construction materials, are of particular importance here. It is hard to imagine building a building without sand and gravel. Geological studies of the soil are often based on the recognition of sedimentary composition. Deposit geology and engineering geology are then closely related.

The geology of deposits is of great importance from the perspective of mines. Appropriate research allows to estimate the presence of deposits, e.g. hard coal, in a given area. Searching for deposit layers is done by special geologists, called prospectors. Most often, they mark their searches on special deposit maps or geological cross-sections. Their tips may also be important from the point of mine formation. The infrastructure must be designed in such a way that it has access to as many deposits as possible.


Hydrogeology is very important from a practical point of view. It deals with the way water flows in particular geological layers. Its excess can significantly hinder the construction of the building. Wet soil can be a source of irregular subsidence. Incorrectly researched area in terms of hydrogeology can even cause the building to slide down the slope. Appropriate recognition of the degree of moisture will help to properly drain the area and increase the safety of building use. Mine drainage is particularly important. Thanks to them, many tragedies from the miner’s perspective can be avoided.

Hydrogeology also studies the chemical and physical properties of water. Thanks to these tests, it is possible to determine whether a given water is suitable for human consumption. Drinking resources are then divided according to utility. Part of the water is only suitable for industry and machine cooling. On the other hand, with a lot of luck, you can find mineral waters, which we can then buy in the store.

Environmental and economic geology

Applied geology faces new challenges every now and then. The geological company is no longer limited to recognizing the soil, but to specifying the development conditions from the environmental perspective. If a given building poses a threat to an animal species or causes pollutants to enter the water, the geologist is forced to include it in the documentation. Environmental geology is just a developing branch of applied geology, but its importance will continue to grow. It will be most relevant during climate change in the future.

Economic geology is also very important from the perspective of ecology. It deals with the management of geological assets, i.e. numerous water and deposit resources. It is based on the principles of sustainable development. It tries to manage resources for several decades ahead in the most reasonable way possible.

All these branches of applied geology are of great importance from the perspective of everyday human life. These are important sectors of construction or energy (coal-based). Certainly, its development over the next few years will contribute to the recognition of more resources and deposits. Applied geology is increasingly appearing at universities. Young students increasingly prefer practice over theory.