Good car rental

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Suppose this happens: your car is completely out of order, the garage says it will be ready in a week or so. You, on the other hand, need to quickly get to the other end of the city, you can’t use public transport because you have to carry a few things back and forth. For this reason, taking a taxi is out of the question. What do you have left except to call and ask your friends for favors? Car rental, of course!
Another example: we are in a foreign city that we have arrived by train. We do not know the timetables or bus and tram routes. We want to be independent. So we rent a car and everything goes smoothly afterwards.

Seems simple? It really is. The car rental company will not demand anything from us that we would not normally have with us. We must have a driving license, ID card, in the case of a company we should also have a copy of the National Court Register, a certificate of entry in the Business Activity Register, a scan of the REGON and NIP numbers – something from this list we will definitely need during the rental. Some rentals also have an age restriction, such as 75. Some of them will not want to lend us a car if we do not have, for example, a year of driving experience.

How to rent a car? It’s quite simple. Most of the rental companies will allow us to make a phone reservation, some have online forms or allow us to rent via e-mail. Of course, we can also go to the place and choose a car there and make a reservation.

It is very important to write the contract itself. We should exercise extreme vigilance to avoid unpleasant consequences later on. We need to know if we have a limit of kilometers to go and what is the rate for exceeding them. We should also find out what the fuel level in the tank is. Be sure to check whether it is possible to use the car by another person, because many companies will want the other driver’s details to be included in the contract. The information that must be included in the contract is: registration number, VIN, make and model. Let’s take not one, but two contact phone numbers from the rental company. Let’s also determine who pays for the fuel costs. Basically, the car rental company will expect the tank to be the same as it was before you left and may charge us if we fail to do so. It is also good to find out if the borrower agrees to pay by bank transfer or in a foreign currency. Let’s also determine the rules for a possible extension of the rental – we never know what situations may happen during the rental period. It is also worth asking if the car can be rented in one place and returned in another place.

Car rental usually has a very wide range of choices. If we feel good behind the wheel of a Skoda, we will rent a Skoda. If we need a big car, we rent an SUV. Prices may vary depending on which car we choose and for how much. The average price is around sixty zlotys, many companies charge a deposit right away. Just in case.

Many drivers wonder if they will bear any responsibility if they crash. This will not happen if the incident was not their fault. They should normally be sent a statement from the scene of the accident which identifies the perpetrator. You must provide – of course – his OC policy number. The car rental company will deal with the insurer itself, and we will usually get a replacement car. However, it is worth calling the police to the scene of the accident and not waiting for the situation to develop, but immediately inform the car owners.

Another question that drivers often ask – is it possible to go abroad with a rented vehicle? Most rental companies agree to this service, but you need to discuss it with them first. This should be included in the contract as the cost may increase.

Van rental Szczecin  often meet customer expectations. In many you can rent a car together with a child seat. Some also operate at night, although they reserve that their services can be used at this time only in the event of a breakdown of our own means of transport.
Some people assume that renting a car is a much better option than buying one. After all, car rental companies have a large selection, so you can adapt to your preferences. No need to take loans or take a lease. These options have their advantages and disadvantages – some people prefer to have their own car in the garage. It is definitely useful when we do not have our own means of transport, and we do not want to cram on buses or trains with large luggage. It will also come in handy when something suddenly falls out.

It is always worth checking the reviews about the car rental company we are going to. Perhaps other drivers have something interesting to say there. If the car rental company has a good reputation, we can easily rent a car from there and hit the road!